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Volunteers are key to growing not only our organization but also to market, promote, educate, and collaborate on programs and projects to transform Tallahassee into a model community in sustainability.  To volunteer or to learn more about Sustainable Tallahassee, please contact us at

Trash Dash 2016

Special Events

 We are often asked to have a table at a special event, festival, meeting or conference and are in need of volunteers to help set up, staff the table, and promote Sustainable Tallahassee.  It's a great way to inspire an interest in sustainability.

 In addition to our monthly Green Drinks program and gathering, we also coordinate several special events such as an annual meeting, awards program and member events or field trips.  Our annual fundraiser is a 5K Trash Dash held in the Fall each year.  If you like to participate in organizing events, this opportunity is made just for you.


 We have several active committees where we can put your talents and time to good use to make Sustainable Tallahassee strong and effective in our community.  Check out our list of committees to see what appeals to you and how you can make a difference. 

Outreach and Communication

If you love to get involved in community organizing or you like public speaking, we need your talents to help us continue to spread the message of sustainability in our community.

Website Content Development

We're always seeking ways to enhance our website to make it more interesting and engaging, and to keep it updated weekly and monthly.  Do you have a creative writing style, or a good sustainability message or resources, or some marketing background? Help us create the content that we post on our site.

Design, Layout, and Printing

Help us with the design and production of brochures, flyers, and other printed materials to further the sustainability message.  If you have experience in any of these areas you'll be an asset!

Serve on the Board of Directors

Interested in becoming a board member?  Print and complete the Prospective Board Member Information and Application form.  You can scan your completed and signed application and email it to us at, or you can send by postal mail to us at:

Sustainable Tallahassee, Inc.
P.O. Box 765
Tallahassee, FL 32302-0765

Volunteer with The Sharing Tree

The Sharing Tree is Tallahassee’s first reusable resource center for Leon County Public School teachers!  With cooperating efforts from Sustainable Tallahassee, Leon County, Goodwill, and Leon County Schools, the goal is to offer classroom materials completely free of charge to teachers in Leon County Public Schools.

The Sharing Tree is also open to the public, and there are often workshops where we can learn creative ways to re-use materials.

Carly Sinnadurai has been the force at The Sharing Tree since its inception, and a visit to The Sharing Tree will inspire you with her creativity.  She has a need for volunteers to keep the shop organized and creative. 

As a volunteer with The Sharing Tree you will become a part of a progressive and green program that benefits both the environment and education in our community.  The goal of The Sharing Tree is to collect overstock and items that are normally destined for the landfill; collecting everything from paper and pencils, to paint and instruments. 

The Sharing Tree resides in Midtown at 218 East Third Avenue, which is between Monroe Street and Thomasville Road.  

Check The Sharing Tree's website for special events, hours, and creative ideas:  

Please contact Carly Sinnadurai, Executive Director, at about volunteering.

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