sustainable tallahassee calendar & event submissions

The criteria for items to be included in the Sustainable Tallahassee calendar were drafted by board member Bob Henderson and approved by the ST board of directors in October, 2012.

     Account Name:                                  Calendar Sustainabletallahassee


     Password:                                           contained in the ST office records


The Calendar Email account is a gmail account, a sub-account of the "" gmail account.

When calendar submissions are received the calendar editor will manually input the calendar event into the ST calendar; the event description can be copied from the email and pasted into the calendar.     

Criteria for Posting Calendar Events:


Our desire is to welcome and post calendar events submitted to us by other organizations. Guidelines to determine appropriateness are:

  • Event must be about sustainability related issues and consistent with the mission of Sustainable Tallahassee.
  • Event has general public appeal, is non-partisan, and is open to the public.
  • Content should be provided to the calendar editor complete for posting on the calendar, including event title, sponsoring entity, date, time, place, details, and contact or website for more information.
  • If a fundraising event sponsored by a not-for-profit organization is to be calendared, it should be for a "sister organization" that we share compatibility and mutual support, and approval by Sustainable Tallahassee is required.
  • Events  by a for-profit organization are discouraged, and approval by Sustainable Tallahassee is required.
A PDF copy of these criteria can be found HERE.


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