Wild Apricot Software support

Wild Apricot support is accessed in the upper right corner of the screen when logged in as Administrator on this site.

HELP button:  The Help button provides access to lists of common reference information, and also contains the entire software documentation.  It covers all functions of the software, but is not comprehensive, so support can often be needed.


SUPPORT button:  The Support button provides three methods to reach Wild Apricot staff for assistance. 

1.      Schedule a telephone appointment, in which a support technician will call.  This is advisable for complex needs.

2.      Submit a Support Ticket, which is a written question or problem.  A support technician will respond within 24 hours during M-F work hours.  This is good only for short answer questions.

3.      Call the Support line.  This gives immediate access to a support technician, during M-F working hours, EST.

Note: Wild Apricot can access our web pages, both visually and functionally, at any time during a phone call or to assist us - or at any other time.  There is no cost for this support.  This can be an advantage when help is needed.  Because Wild Apricot support staff have access to all our pages, files, and photos, passwords or confidential information should not be stored in the software on on these Admin-only pages.


The Wild Apricot staff can assist with any issues or changes that are within the Wild Apricot software.  They do not provide support or assistance with any HTML or Java issues, or with any documents or forms that have been imported into the software.

BACK UP:  All web page data are hosted on the Wild Apricot server and are backed up by Wild Apricot.  We can ourselves restore a previous version of a particular web page if we mess it up.  We should back up all our member and email data periodically by exporting to an Excel file.  Membership data in an Excel file can be imported back into the site in an emergency.  Advise getting support help from Wild Apricot.  




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