sustainable tallahassee apparel & accessories

Want others to know of your passion for sustainability in our community?  You can – by wearing items that proudly show your support for Sustainable Tallahassee and what we, together, are seeking to accomplish!  

Here’s How

> > We’ve arranged with Lands End for several apparel and accessory items to be available with the Sustainable Tallahassee logo.  You can choose among shirts, hats, windbreakers, totes, coolers - and more!

> > Simply go to our special Sustainable Tallahassee business site at Lands End. 

> >  Select among categories "Men", "Women", or "Caps, totes & towels", choose your item, size, and color, and place your order. 

Some Things to Know

  • All the items will include an embroidered Sustainable Tallahassee logo.
  • You will have the option to personalize the item by adding your own name or initials. Just click "personalization" and add one line ($6) or two lines ($12).
  • Sustainable Tallahassee does not receive any monetary benefit; we just hope you’ll be inspired to show your support!
  • All items are returnable, even items that you’ve customized.  That, and the quality of the materials and workmanship, are what attracted us to this vendor.
  • The item will be shipped directly to you.
  • Additional items can be added to our selections if you find something you like in the regular Lands End catalog or online.  Just email your request with the item number to us at

Please Give us Your Feedback!

  • Let us know what you like or how we can improve this process (
  • We'd love to have a picture of you with your ST logo item – please send one!
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