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In December 2011 Sustainable Tallahassee coordinated the establishment of the Capital Area Sustainability Council (CASC) to bring together organizations that have a community wide sphere of positive influence on sustainability.

The purpose of the sustainability council is to serve as a clearing house for the exchange of ideas and information, to promote collaboration and cooperation on sustainability projects and issues, and to eliminate or reduce duplication of effort among the participants.  The council meets monthly and has produced very positive interaction among the participating organizations.

The council is made up of representatives from Sustainable Tallahassee, Leon County, the City of Tallahassee, Leon County Public Schools, Florida State University, Florida A & M University, Tallahassee Community College, UF/IFAS Leon County Extension, Council of Neighborhood Associations (CONA), and Tall Timbers.


In addition to monthly meetings to share and collaborate, the council members have worked together to achieve:  

1.  A Shared Means for Council Members to Publish Articles in the Tallahassee Democrat Newspaper:

The council members arranged with the Tallahassee Democrat to commit to publishing articles by CASC members on a bi-weekly schedule.  Articles are authored by CASC members and rotated among the members.  The goal has been to let the public know about the sustainability initiatives of the CASC participants, and to increase awareness in the community of the importance of sustainable practices – with a desire to inspire positive changes. 

These articles, called "Greening Our Community", have been consistently published since July 2012.  They are published bi-weekly as both blogs and as articles in the printed edition of the paper. Find them all listed HERE on our website.  They can also be accessed directly at the Tallahassee Democrat at http://blogs.tallahassee.com/community/author/sustainabletallahassee/.  There's a wealth of interesting information that's been contributed by the council members in these articles.

2.  A Shared Community Calendar of Sustainability Events: 

This calendar was launched in May of 2012.  It resides on the Sustainable Tallahassee website; access it HERE.  We invite CASC members and the public to submit events to be posted.  Access the Guidelines to post events and submit events to Calendar@SustainableTallahassee.org

3.  A Common Message to Convey Sustainability Internally and to the Public:

Early on, CASC members recognized the importance of a unified message to convey internally in their own organizations and externally to the public the importance and the benefits of making our community a model of sustainability.  A "sustainable community" is generally defined as a community in which the environment, the social fabric, and the economy are all in balance, for the long term and the benefit of future generations.  A common analogy is a three-legged stool - if all three legs are not in balance the stool will fail. 

With the guidance of a professional facilitator, in February 2013 the council members participated in a two-day workshop to discuss each of our organizations' sustainability values and to collaborate to create a common message that conveys our commitment to honoring the "three legged stool" concept.  We’re proud that our group’s message embodies this spirit of sustainability. Each of the council members committed to pursue opportunities to incorporate the essence of this message in our internal operations and in our public communications:  

Be part of our Sustainable Community. . .
Together we will
Improve our Quality of Life,
Protect and Conserve our Natural Resources, and
Strengthen our Local Economy.

     A sustainable community Improves our Quality of Life by
        Building a stronger and more appealing community,
        Providing opportunities for recreation,
        Providing a range of energy options and programs, and
        Enhancing our health, wellness, and fitness
     A sustainable community Protects and Conserves our Natural Resources by
        Providing clean air and water,
        Developing sound land use management,
        Protecting wildlife habitat, and
        Providing access to locally grown food
     A sustainable community Strengthens our Local Economy by
        Driving research and innovation,
        Creating more jobs,
        Saving money when reducing energy consumption,
        Adding value to our homes and businesses, and
        Diversifying our economic base

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