Community Carbon Fund

The purpose of the Community Carbon Fund is to invest in carbon reduction projects that decrease our community’s carbon footprint by reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. This is accomplished through energy efficiency retrofits, renewable energy, and carbon sequestration with significant tree plantings.

The CCF differs from national carbon offsets because investments are made locally to have a large community impact. Energy efficiency retrofits for non-profit organizations that serve the poor are an example of the Fund’s accomplishments to date.

Other community benefits of our Community Carbon Fund include:

  • We contract locally for vendors to conduct energy improvements, keeping money in the local economy.
  • We established a carbon calculator that provides a starting point for individuals, as well as organizations, to measure their environmental impact and that acts as an aid for sustainable education.

Click HERE for "FAQs" about our Community Carbon Fund. The Committee and the Advisory Council identify and investigate worthy projects for recommendation to the Sustainable Tallahassee Board. Examples of projects that have been funded to date can be found HERE.

We invite membership in the Carbon Fund Committee for anyone interested in working on projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, projects that help local non-profits with energy retrofits so its funds are better utilized to serve clients, projects that capture carbon through tree planting, or in raising funds for these initiatives.


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