Tallahassee and Leon County are growing community gardens!  Both Leon County and the City of Tallahassee have community garden programs available for the public.

The City of Tallahassee’s program allows groups to apply to create a community garden on city owned properties.  Learn how to apply at  

Click HERE for a great video by The Tallahassee Food Network featuring the city’s program and several local community gardens.

Leon County's Community Garden program provides plots on County property, when at least eight people come together to operate and maintain the garden.  The County program provides three kinds of support:  a grant program for financial assistance, if needed, material assistance through mulch, compost bins and rain barrels and technical consultation through the Leon County Cooperative Extension

Leon County Extension and Leon County’s Office of Sustainability periodically provide free workshops and “how-to” programs on creating community gardens.  Connect to Leon County’s news page with programs broken down by month, here:

Leon County's Office of Sustainability's website contains a map showing the locations of local community gardens, local farms, and farmers markets at:

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