Commuting Resources

U.S. Department of Energy Vehicle and Fuel Economy - compares gas mileage, emissions, air pollution ratings, and safety data for new and used vehicles, including hybrids and alternative-fuel vehicles.

U.S. DOE Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Vehicle Technologies Program - The Vehicle Technologies Program is developing more energy efficient and environmentally friendly highway transportation technologies that will enable America to use less petroleum. The long-term aim is to develop "leap frog" technologies that will provide Americans with greater freedom of mobility and energy security, while lowering costs and reducing impacts on the environment.

San Jose State University's Mineta Transportation Institute - MTI is a national University Transportation Center and a "Center of Excellence" located on the campus of San José State University providing research in surface transportation policy. 

Florida's Alternative and Renewable Fuel Station Locator - Locator featuring map showing the location of retail motor fuel facilities in Florida reported to be offering alternative and renewable motor fuels for sale to the general public, including electric charging stations, E85, E10, and biodiesel blends.  You can zoom the map or look at specific zip codes, states, etc., anywhere in the US.

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