Construction & Demolition Waste

Did you know?  According to Florida Department of Environmental Protection, about 25% of the solid waste generated in Florida is from construction and demolition activities.

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Characterization of Building-Related Construction and Demolition Debris in the United States. – A comprehensive report prepared for the Environmental Protection Agency on the quantity and composition of C&D waste.

FDEP C&D Waste Page – Informational resources from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection including statistics, reporting procedures, links, and laws related to C&D debris.

Construction Waste Management – Field guide for construction waste management programs in the home building sector.

onSITE – Australian website featuring information on “minimizing construction waste to maximize competitiveness.”

Follow the Wrecking Ball: C&D Recovery at Work – A case study from a Portland, Oregon project describing how C&D waste was diverted from the landfill.

Wood Waste Best Management Practices – About half of C&D waste is made up of wood and wood pallets.  The Wood Waste Best Management Practices manual was developed by Kessler Consulting and Sumter County, Florida, through a grant from the FDEP. 

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