Additional Resources


Additional resources are listed below.  They contain valuable information as well as guidance for facilitating groups.  


Green Guides from Leon County on everything from recycling to community garden starter kits. Excellent list of resources compiled by your local government. (Nov 2013)

Living Sustainably: It's Your Choice, from Oregon State University, one of the most popular compact guides around.  Here it is, free to download in full living color. (Oct 2013)

Choices for Sustainable Living, by Northwest Earth Institute


The Leon County Extension has copies of Choices for Sustainable Living that can be loaned to EcoTeams. Contact Heidi Copeland ( for more information.


Voluntary Simplicity by the NW Earth Institute


The Transition Handbook by Rob Hopkins


The eBook version of The Transition Handbook is available free at


Introduction to Permaculture by Bill Mollison

Neighborhood Actions You Can Take! (October, 2013) 

Leon County Green Resources Guide (October, 2013)

Sustainability Best Practices -  The Institute for Local Government has created a great resource outlining best practices to help create healthier and more sustainable communities. Check it out! (Oct 2013)

Educational Videos

Documentary Films on the Environment  Documentaries from all over the world on all subjects. This link is to films on the environment collected here.

VLearn  VLearn is the new ‘free access’ study resource for business and management students. We provide free access video material to enhance your learning experience. Use Vlearn as a supplementary study resource to your traditional learning materials. VLearn brings research to life.

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About EcoTeams                           Leader's Guide

Great Resources You Can Use

The EcoTeam concept is pretty simple.  You meet, you discuss, you take action.  See the 2013 Ecoteam Celebration report here.

The primary guide for our EcoTeams groups is the Green Living Handbook: A 6-Step Program to Create an Environmentally Sustainable Lifestyle, by David Gershon.  You can get the Green Living Handbook at the library, borrow from us, or purchase your own online.  The Leon County Extension also has copies of the Green Living Handbook that can be loaned to EcoTeams. Contact Tom Taylor ( for more information.


Here is a handout that can be printed out and used to recruit members to your team.

The four core recommended modules are Waste, Water, Energy, and Transportation.  These are the first four sections of the Green Living Handbook.  Check back often to this site for links and videos designed to guide and supplement each of these discussion areas.

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