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Come Join us in helping make Tallahassee a more sustainable place. We offer many ways to be involved - by joining a committee, becoming a member, making a donation, volunteering at events, interning, joining a program, and participating in our activities. There's a role for you - scroll this list for something that suits your interests and availability.


When you become a member of Sustainable Tallahassee you will be providing education about sustainability and contributing to changing behaviors in our community.  Select from several membership levels to suit your level of passion and your pocketbook.


We have a number of opportunities to volunteer, mostly in the spring and in the fall.  They include helping with our Trash Dash 5K Run, our annual meeting celebration, special projects, and several festivals and events where we are set up to meet the public.  Check our Volunteer page for upcoming opportunities.


The lion's share of activities are organized and executed through our committees. Check out each committee page to learn the mission, upcoming goals, recent achievements. If you would like to join, simply contact one of the chairs or attend one of the routinely scheduled events. 

Green Drinks

Join us at Green Drinks, our monthly gathering that's open to anyone who wants to connect with others who are interested in sustainability.  Hear a short program and find out what's going on with others and other groups.


We periodically have unpaid internship opportunities to help with special projects, typically coinciding with college semesters.  If you're interested, contact our Executive Director at admin@SustainableTallahassee.org.

Eco Teams

EcoTeams are small groups of individuals who meet together to learn about sustainability and to discuss changes we can make at the individual, local, and greater community levels.  And we provide all the resources!  

Rags 2 Bags (R2B)

Join our R2B team to help make reusable shopping bags from donated fabrics - and encourage everyone to stop using plastic shopping bags.

Kick Bottled Water

Let's get everyone to switch to reusable water bottles - for the sake of our environment and our wallets.  Learn about what we're doing HERE and join us!

Straw Free Tally

"Skip the straw" - let's make this our standard response until every restaurant makes the switch!  And we're working on restaurants.  Check our calendar for meetings and get involved.


If you are - or want to be - a green business, the Green4Tally designation is a way to be publicly recognized as a green business - and a way for consumers to be able to support green businesses.

Sustainable Neighborhood of the Year Award

We're proud to recognize neighborhoods where residents adopt sustainable practices, with our annual Sustainable Neighborhood of the Year award.

Sustainable Tallahassee's Apparel & Accessories for Purchase

You can order apparel and accessory items with Sustainable Tallahassee’s logo.  Proudly show your passion for sustainability!

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