Building & Remodeling

Experienced Architect

Choose an architect who has experience designing green buildings. Most energy efficient homes use 75% less energy than the average home.


Select a home site that is close to your work and other daily destinations.

Build to certification standards

LEED, Energy Star Homes or the Florida Green Building Coalition standard. Investigate solar thermal, photovoltaic and small scale wind.


Select energy star qualified appliances.

Select a front-loader washer.

Install a high efficiency toilet.

Install a point-of-use hot water heater that installs under the kitchen sink can save water when doing kitchen chores.


Plant trees around your home. - In North America, planting trees on the northern side of your home can reduce heating costs and shade trees can reduce summer cooling costs.

Use pervious pavers, rain barrels, and other green infrastructure to reduce stormwater runoff.

Use 2-4 inches of mulch to cover ground in shady areas. Will help prevent erosion, reduce stormwater runoff and protect tree roots.

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