home energy use

Compete with yourself, or your friends or neighbors.  If you have City of Tallahassee utilities, go to http://www.talgov.com/you/DataMartSearch.aspx  and key in any address to obtain electricity, water and natural gas consumption.  Make a friendly competition with yourself or others for reducing consumption.  It’s fun! You can graph the figures into a spreadsheet and treat the winner (or yourself) to dinner. 

LED Lights & Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFLs)

Time to switch from CFLs and incandescent bulbs to LED bulbs.  LED bulbs are coming down in price, are dimable, and contain no mercury.

Turn off lights and appliances when not in use

A television or light left on when no one is in the room draws unnecessary energy. 

Even Better… Unplug it

Idle appliances and electronic devices like televisions, phone chargers, etc use electricity even when not in use. You can avoid this by plugging your electronics into a power strip and turning it off when you leave the room.

Get rid of your old refrigerator and replace it with an energy efficient model

Old refrigerators may be costing you more than $250 a year in electricity. New refrigerators can use 40 per cent less energy than models made just 10 years ago.

Watch your thermostat

Make a pledge to turn the thermostat up 2 degrees in the summer and down 2 degrees down in the winter from your typical settings. Use a programmable thermostat. Add or take off extra clothing rather than changing the thermostat. These efforts will lower your utility bill and reduce emissions.

Change your air conditioning filter frequently

A cleaner filter works more efficiently whereas a dirty filter has to work harder, and fewer allergy particles in the air is another added benefit.

Use your ceiling fan instead of air conditioner

Ceiling fans use very little electricity compared to air conditioners.  Be sure to turn off ceiling fans when you leave the room. Ceiling fans make your skin feel cooler because they move the air - but they do not cool the air.  A ceiling fan running in an empty room just wastes electricity.

Air-dry your clothes

Fluff in the dryer for a few minutes to remove the stiffness.

Seal up drafty windows and doors

Proper weather stripping and caulking of doors and windows can reduce heating bills by 25 per cent.

Switch to a flat screen monitor for your computer and television

With televisions and computer monitors, an LCD model (or rear projection model)  uses less energy than conventional tube-based computer monitors or plasma TVs.

Get a free energy audit from the City of Tallahassee

The City of Tallahassee provides home and business energy audits.  Schedule a free energy audit from the City by calling 891-4YOU, press option 4.

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