Renewable Energy Advocacy Committee


Reduce green house gases (GHG) within Leon County.

A goal of our Renewable Energy Advocacy Committee is to create an impetus for expanding renewable energy production in our community, particularly in the area of solar power. 

Solar power generation improves environmental quality, reduces CO2 emissions, and adds diversity to our fuel sources for electricity.  It produces be
nefits to the grid by reducing stress on the utility distribution system and lowering transmission losses. Solar power generation also provides economic benefits to the community by providing jobs in solar technology, installation, and energy production. 

Tallahassee, as the capital of the State of Florida, should serve as a role model for solar power expansion in our state!

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions also means reducing our dependence on fossil fuel for transportation. To inspire interest and bring information to the public about the advantages and availability of electric vehicles, in September of 2018 we held an Electric Vehicle Expo, in which over 300 attended and interacted with more than 50 electric vehicle owners and several dealerships.

Check out these "Greening Our Community" newspaper articles for an understanding of what we are pursuing and accomplishing in this committee:

"Go Electric – Go Green"
"How Much Carbon Dioxide Do We Produce in Leon County?"
"The Case for Renewable Energy in Tallahassee"
"Let the Sun Shine In" 

If you have expertise in renewable energy or the leadership and commitment to help accomplish our committee's goals, we welcome your participation! 

Meetings are held monthly; check our calendar for the next meeting or contact our committee chair.

   Leighanne Boone

Co Chair
   Jack Diestelhorst

Contact them at

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