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2021.06.23 Greening Our Community: July 4th – Patriotism and the Environment Read this article by Meta Calder to learn about some of the most beautiful natural spaces right here in Florida. This article describes some amazing places you can see today, and some that are no longer around. This article brings light to why celebrating responsibly is important and how the 4th of July can directly relate to preserving our environment and resources. This 4th of July, honor our country's natural beauty.

2020.09.16 Greening Our Community - Driving Electric for a Healthy Planet and Healthy People In his article, Mike Mitchell describes the growing Electric Vehicle (EV) industry. Mitchell explains what the City of Tallahassee is doing for EVs and how these changes in our community will help our environment. Mitchell describes the many benefits of EVs and that the importance for decreasing air pollution is more prevalent than ever during COVID-19 as research suggests there is a connection between air pollution and COVID-19 symptoms.

2020.08.05 Greening Our Community: Intersectional Environmentalism Comes to Tallahassee. In her article, Salome Garcia talks about Intersectional environmentalism and how marginalized communities and the earth are interconnected. This article touches on the impacts of climate change in the panhandle. Learn about what the CLEO institute is doing alongside many other groups and organizations in the Tallahassee community to recognize social inequalities as a crucial factor in the climate crisis.

2020.07.08 Solar Takes Giant Climate Action Steps.  In this article Steve Urse describes the many steps our Tallahassee community has taken to support and expand solar energy - where we have been, where we are going, and the events that have impacted our journey.  Steve is a founding board member of Sustainable Tallahassee and has chaired a number of committees over the years.

2020.04.15 Earth Day 2020As we honor the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day, we are in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. “The coincidence of Earth Day, April 22, 2020, occurring in the middle of a global response to a world-wide pandemic, is an abrupt reminder that our presence is profoundly altering our environment,” Meta Calder tells us in this Greening Our Community article in which she draws a comparison and shakes our world to the reality that lies before us .  Meta is a member of Sustainable Tallahassee and the editor of Sustainable Tallahassee’s Greening Our Community articles.

2020.04.01 From Bags to Masks.  With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Sustainable Tallahassee’s Rags2Bags team has switched temporarily from making reusable shopping bags to produce face masks, in response to receiving requests for more than 1000 masks.  Written by Peggy Sanford, Sustainable Tallahassee’s immediate past president, and a current board member of Sustainable Tallahassee, and the spearhead of our super R2B team.

2019.12.24 Happy New Year from Sustainable TallahasseeBuilding on our achievements in 2019, Sustainable Tallahassee faces the challenges of the 2020s and looks forward to partnerships that will help to make our future bright for all. This article was written by Mike Mitchell, Sustainable Tallahassee’s incoming president for the 2020 year.

2019.10.17 Trash and Trophies.  This article invites runners to our 2019 Trash Dash 5K Cross Country run on October 26, and invites neighborhoods to submit their entries to win our 2019 Sustainable Neighborhood of the year award.  It was co-written by Demian Pasquarelli, Sustainable Tallahassee’s Executive Director and by Becky Parsons, board member.

2019.09.16 Solar Power Under Your Feet.  You will learn from Ed Oaksford, Sustainable Tallahassee member, about the geothermal heating and cooling system he installed at his house.  With fourteen years of experience with his system, Ed has the history and expertise to be a great resource on this technology.  The benefits of a geothermal system are impressive and vastly superior to the HVAC heat pumps nearly all of us currently have.

2019.09.05 Tallahassee’s 2nd Annual Electric Vehicle Expo. Sustainable Tallahassee invites the public to our second annual Electric Vehicle Expo, celebrating National Drive Electric Week, September 14-22, a nationwide celebration of plug-in vehicles.  Tom Cordi, Sustainable Tallahassee board member, writes about this unique gathering of EV plug-in owners and local dealers, and an opportunity to showcase the benefits of all-electric and plug-in hybrid electric cars, buses, trucks, bikes, motorcycles, and more to the Tallahassee community.

2019.08.07 Capital Area Sustainability Compact.   Sustainable Tallahassee has been selected to be the facilitator of the newly formed Capital Area Sustainability Compact, which is dedicated to developing a joint strategy to mitigate climate change, reduce community greenhouse gas emissions, and drive sustainability actions in the Capital Area. Its members include Capital Regional Medical Center, the City of Tallahassee, Florida A&M University, Florida State University, Leon County, Leon County Schools, Tallahassee Community College, and Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare.  This article was written by Jim Davis, former Executive Director of Sustainable Tallahassee who is currently serving as administrator of the Compact on behalf of Sustainable Tallahassee.

2019.06.27 Four Ways to Celebrate July Fourth and Save the Earth. In this article Stew Parsons asks, “To honor the creation of our founders, what is the most significant thing we can do to assure our children and grandchildren and those living during the next 243 years will have the same opportunity for a free and bountiful life?”  He is a member, former board member, and former Executive Director of Sustainable Tallahassee.

2019.06.13 The Road Trip of the Future. This article brings the reality of EV cars of the future right into the present! Read about Mike Mitchell’s experience making a long trip in his EV, and gain lots of tips to make your own current and future EV road trips a possibility.  Mike is Vice President of Sustainable Tallahassee, a member of Sustainable Tallahassee’s Electric Vehicle Club, and a graduate student at Florida State University, researching EV adoption. 

2019.05.30  Living a Happier, Healthier, and Greener Life Downtown Leighanne Boone makes a case for the benefits of living downtown, with no commute.   Do it for your physical and mental well-being, do it for the planet! Someone who lives downtown contributes a fraction of the carbon emissions of someone who lives in suburbia. Leighanne is the Co-chair of Sustainable Tallahassee’s Renewable Energy and Sustainable Transportation Committees, and past board member of Sustainable Tallahassee; Coordinator of the Electric Car Club; President of ReThink Energy Action Fund; Vice-President of the Plaza Tower Condo Board; and board member of the Downtown Business Association.

2019.05.30 You can personally make a difference in sustainability | Opinion article “Sustainable Tallahassee offers an alternative. We believe in hope and in the value of individual efforts to make our world better. We discover, develop and promote ways that ordinary people can act to avert the predicted environmental crisis.“  This opinion article was written by Peggy Sanford, President of Sustainable Tallahassee’s Board of Directors.

2019.05.15 A Business Model to Emulate.  Jack Diestelhorst, Sustainable Tallahassee board member and owner of Notary Public Underwriters, walks the sustainability talk in his business.  Not only does the business have a large solar PV system, recycling, and smart controls, the employees are inspired and on board to be sustainable in all areas of work and home life.  This article was written by Arnie Rogers, who is our Sustainable Tallahassee Green Links Newsletter Editor.

2019.04.18 Honoring Earth Day with Steps You Can Take.  In this article Becky Parsons, member of Sustainable Tallahassee’s board of directors, says it is time to recreate the momentum of the first Earth Day 49 years ago.  She encourages starting sustainable actions by entering the “Sustainable Neighborhood of the Year” competition and by helping to green the LeMoyne Chain of Parks Art Festival.

2019.03.21 Tallahassee Standing On Its Pedals.  All over the country people are talking about and advocating for “walkable and bikeable” cities and communities.   Tom Clark, a member and recent chair of Sustainable Tallahassee's Sustainable Transportation Committee, has written this article to describe why this has become important and what is actually happening here in Tallahassee.

2019.02.07 Tallahassee’s Recycled Wedding MarketSustainable Tallahassee is excited to bring the Recycled Wedding Market back for a second year!  It’s about having a sustainable wedding and passing on wedding décor, tableware, clothing and more to make the next person's wedding just as sustainable!  Last year’s event saw over 400 buyers walk through the doors.  Thanks to Jodi Wilkof, chair of the event, for this article.

2019.01.10 Sustainable Tallahassee – an Exciting Year in Review.  This article, by Jim Davis, our Executive Director, is an excellent summary of what Sustainable Tallahassee has accomplished during the past year.  We’ll build on all this as we dive into a new year which will have serious challenges for our environment, our state, and our community. 

2018.11.15 – Because It Is Too Darn Hot.  Pam McVety, writing for Sustainable Tallahassee’s Community Carbon Fund, asks us to attend the Alternative Christmas Market on December 1 and 2, and to donate to our Carbon Fund which uses donated funds to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that are warming our planet and state.

2018.11.01 A Wakeup Call from Michael.  The devastating hurricane we just experienced, the fourth worst in Florida’s history, was greatly intensified by the very warm Gulf of Mexico. Our takeaway? Time to get serious to lessen the impacts of climate change, says Stew Parsons, writing for Sustainable Tallahassee.

2018.10.18 Run for Sustainability, Run for Your Health, Run for FunSustainable Tallahassee’s annual Trash Dash 5K Run fundraiser will be on Saturday, October 27.  Jim Davis, Sustainable Tallahassee’s Executive Director, asks the community to come out for a great cross country run at the Apalachee Regional Park.

2018.09.06 Go Electric – Go Green.  Sustainable Tallahassee's Renewable Energy Advocacy committee is hosting an Electric Vehicle Expo on September 15th.  This article by Tom Cordi, Sustainable Tallahassee board member and Expo coordinator, is about the Expo and all the right reasons to own an electric car.  Just think: no oil changes, tune-ups, spark plugs, or tailpipe emissions!  Internal combustion engines are so old-technology.

2018.06.28 Sustainable Neighborhood ChampionsCongratulations to the Indianhead Lehigh neighborhood, our 2018 Sustainable Neighborhood of the Year!  Read about how Indianhead Leigh and our other three finalists neighborhoods are promoting sustainability. This article is by Becky Parsons, Sustainable Tallahassee board member.

2018.05.10 How Much Carbon Dioxide Do We Produce in Leon County?  We’re improving in electricity production and in our homes and businesses.  But we’re not improving in transportation, our biggest source of carbon dioxide, says Richard Hopkins, writing for Sustainable Tallahassee.  Read his article, then read his study, A Community Carbon Dioxide Scorecard for Leon County. His study is an update of one he prepared a year ago.

2018.04.05 Loving Your Community.  This year Sustainable Tallahassee is giving a first-ever award for “Sustainable Neighborhood of the Year” as part of the annual CONA/Leon County/City of Tallahassee Neighborhood of the Year program.  This article was written by Bryce Frohlich, Sustainable Tallahassee’s executive assistant.

2018.03.08  Be The Change.  Every individual achievement we make in sustainability contributes to the global good.  In this article Becky Parsons, Sustainable Tallahassee board member, describes things we can do to reduce our carbon footprint and help to reduce the effects of climate change.

2018.02.22 What Does it Mean to be a Green Business?  Sustainable Tallahassee is launching a new program, Green4Tally, to recognize businesses that pledge to support sustainable practices.  The first group of businesses in the program will be restaurants.  Joseph Petty, chair of ST’s Green Business Committee, organized this program and is the author of this article.

2018.01.12 Tallahassee’s First Ever Recycled Wedding Market.  Jodi Wilkof, member of Sustainable Tallahassee's Three Rs Committee and owner of Green Party Events, is teaming up with Aveda Institute and Madison Social Catering and Events to create an event where people can buy and sell wedding and large party items, with ticket sales to be donated to Sustainable Tallahassee.   The Recycled Wedding Market will take place on February 25, 2018.

2017.11.30 Celebrating Ten YearsSustainable Tallahassee celebrated our Tenth Year Anniversary this year, with a commemorative event on October 30 at our Annual Meeting.  This article, written by Becky Parsons, board member, is a look back at how we started as Greenovation, where we've been, and what's in our future.

2017.10.19 Sustainable Tallahassee Invites Runners to Seventh Annual Trash DashThe Trash Dash Is more than just another 5K run.  We’ll be collecting donated running shoes to donate to storm victims, as well as  used t-shirts to make into re-usable produce bags for a local food bank.  For the first time, the Trash Dash is a 2017 Grand Prix race certified by Gulf Winds Track Club.

2017.08.24 A Carbon Dioxide Scorecard for Leon CountyIf we're going to know how well we do in lowering CO2 emissions, then we need to have a benchmark - a place to start.  Richard Hopkins, member of Sustainable Tallahassee’s Renewable Energy Advocacy Committee, has created that for us, including trends for the past several years.  A summary and full copy of this document an be found HERE on this website.

2017.07.13 Slowing the Tide of Plastic BagsPeggy Sanford, member of Sustainable Tallahassee’s board of directors, writes about what a small group of Tallahassee citizens is doing to call attention to and reduce our use of plastic bags.  Peggy's Rags2Bags team of dedicated sewers has made and given away over 2,000 shopping bags to replace our use of plastic bags.

2017.06.29 Moving Forward with a Water WagonWe now have a mobile Water Wagon in Tallahassee for water bottle refills at festivals, and it was the winner of ReThink Energy Florida’s 2017 Energy Innovator Award.  Read about it in this article by Becky Parsons, member of Sustainable Tallahassee’s board of directors.  

2017.06.01 Celebrating Solar. After today’s announcement that our country has withdrawn from the Paris Climate Accord the message is clear:  We must ensure that our transition to a clean energy economy continues for the future we want for our world. Read about the City of Tallahassee’s solar achievement written by Becky Parsons, member of Sustainable Tallahassee’s board of directors.

2017.04.06 Two Green Festivals.  For the second year, Sustainable Tallahassee is “greening” the LeMoyne Chain of Parks Art Festival – such a huge effort it takes to change how water is provided, and how food waste, trash, and recycling are managed at a large festival.  The following weekend we’re co-hosting our local Earth Day event.  This article was written by Jim Davis, Executive Director of Sustainable Tallahassee.

2017.01.12 Getting Passionate About Sustainability. “What can I do to be more sustainable?” is one of our favorite topics and one we could talk about all day.  It's easier to adopt a sustainable behavior when we know it's "good to do" instead of when it's an "ought to do".  Becoming passionate about sustainability makes all the right behaviors easier! It was written by Becky Parsons, board member of Sustainable Tallahassee.

2016.10.20. Sixth Annual Trash Dash Hosted by Sustainable Tallahassee. October 29 is our sixth annual Trash Dash 5K Cross County Run, and the second year for our 1-mile family fun run/walk, written by Jim Davis, Executive Director of Sustainable Tallahassee. 

2016.05.19 Making a Festival Green. Can there be festivals without Styrofoam containers?  Without single-use plastics? We say, "Yes!” Other cities do it successfully, and we can too.  In fact, we've already made a good start. It's all here in this article written by Becky Parsons, member of Sustainable Tallahassee's board of directors. 

2016.05.05 Getting from Here to There in a Sustainable Way.  "What methods do we use in Leon County to produce usable energy, and how do we use it?"  This article by Richard Hopkins, member of Sustainable Tallahassee’s Alternative Transportation Committee, underscores the important path this committee is taking to examine approaches for how land use planning, zoning, and building permitting can support and advance sustainable transportation.

2016.04.07 Sustainable Tallahassee Partners with LeMoyne Center for the Visual Arts to Green the Chain of Parks Art FestivalSustainable Tallahassee’s plans for the Art Festival on April 16 and 17 have us reaching out to the expected 50,000 attendees and bringing them a message of sustainable and environment friendly living. In this article Jim Davis, ST's Executive Director, gives details of our initiatives and asks for volunteers.

2016.03.24 Earth Day Abiding Lessons.  Matthew Kopka, a Sustainable Tallahassee board member, uses the 2013 Pulitzer Prize winning book “Tom’s River”, by Dan Fagin, to remind us that “Sustainability is what it will take to save us, not just what light bulbs we choose or how we sort trash.”  The Tom’s River chemical pollution is a strong example of why the first Earth Day in 1970 was important, and now even more so. More about Earth Day is HERE.

2016.03.10 The Good News About Going Green.  We don’t need negative news about climate change, depletion of resources, and plastics in our oceans to overwhelm us into inaction.  Tom Taylor, on the Sustainable Tallahassee board of directors, writes about opportunities and resources to "green" our lives, homes, and communities.  All that we do, combined with others, really does make a difference.

2015.11.19 Sustaining This Holiday Season It’s possible to bring joy to yourself and others without stress and without adding more stuff to the landfill.  Becky Parsons, Sustainable Tallahassee board member, writes about the Alternative Christmas Market and Sustainable Tallahassee’s Community Carbon Fund’s participation.

2015.11.05 Do It For Sustainability.  Three important ways to participate that will help to promote sustainability: ST’s annual Trash Dash 5K Run fundraiser, this year with a One Mile Family Fun Run/Walk, FAMU’s Art in Sustainability exhibit with beautiful art made of recyclables, and Sustainable Tallahassee 8th Annual Celebration and Annual Meeting. Written by Becky Parsons, Sustainable Tallahassee board member.

2015.10.08 Dollars and Common Sense: Bottled Water Is Money and Resources Down the Drain If you haven’t given up drinking bottled water by now, read this article by Matt Kopka, board member of Sustainable Tallahassee, which should convince you to give it up.  Sustainable Tallahassee is working to reduce the consumption of single-use disposable plastic water bottles.  The research on corporate marketing, cost, fossil fuel use, and waste is compelling.

2015.09.10 The Future of Green is an Education-conscious Business. For nearly 80 years, Tallahassee Nurseries has been an integral part of our community, evolving from just providing plants, to providing education about healthy ecosystems, pollinators, invasives, and more.  Michelle Gomez is writing on behalf of Sustainable Tallahassee, Leon County, and the City of Tallahassee to promote the production and consumption of locally-sourced food.

2015.08.27 Sustainable Indianhead-Lehigh Neighborhood.  Peggy Sanford, retired attorney and member of Sustainable Tallahassee’s Board of Directors, writes about her progressive neighborhood’s initiatives to devote the year to achieving significant sustainable milestones, using Sustainable Tallahassee's Eco Team model as inspiration.  This neighborhood is creating an amazing synergy that can inspire us all.

2015.07.30 Back to School – or the Landfill!  How do we start a new school year without backing down on our values for sustainability?  Carly Sinnadurai has solutions, for both parents and teachers.  She is the Executive Director of The Sharing Tree, a Board Member of Sustainable Tallahassee, and chair of ST's Three R's Committee (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).  

2015.07.16 Moving Forward with Sustainable Tallahassee.  Jim Davis has been Sustainable Tallahassee’s Executive Director for the past nine months, since October 1, 2014.  In this article he updates us on Sustainable Tallahassee’s current initiatives, as well as giving some background on our organization.

2015.06.18 Bag it Up  Carly Sinnadurai is the Executive Director of The Sharing Tree, as well as a board member and chair of Sustainable Tallahassee’s Three R’s Committee (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). Her article is about an amazing neighborhood and community collaboration to create reusable bags and give them away.

2015.05.28 Drink Locally: Stop Buying Commercial Bottled Water, written by Matthew Kopka, an Interdisciplinary Ecologist and a member of Sustainable Tallahassee's board of directors and our committee to kick bottled water. This article sets the stage for Sustainable Tallahassee’s campaign to kick bottled water.  Read his article and think about the masterful marketing job the bottled water companies do to influence our behavior.

2015.04.09 Fun Ride to the ArtsSustainable Tallahassee will host free bus rides, courtesy of StarMetro, from five locations for a fun ride to LeMoyne’s Chain of Parks Art Festival and The Southern Shakespeare Festival to introduce the public to bus riding.  This was written by Stew Parsons, Chair of Sustainable Tallahassee’s Alternative Transportation Committee.

2015.03.26 Developing a Food Conscience Can Save the Planet. Michelle Gomez is working on behalf of Sustainable Tallahassee, Leon County, and the City of Tallahassee to promote the production and consumption of locally-sourced food.  The availability of local food is one of the most important features of a sustainable community.

2015.02.12 Let the Sun Shine In. Only ¼ of one percent of the City of Tallahassee’s electricity generation capacity is currently from solar. Sustainable Tallahassee and the Tallahassee Chapter of the League of Women Voters want to see that change. In this article Stew Parsons, Chair of Sustainable Tallahassee’s Renewable Energy Committee, describes steps that we, and our local electric utility, can take to make that happen. 

2015.01.01 Florida’s Changing Climate.  Becky Parsons, Sustainable Tallahassee board member, writes that money, science, politics, and citizen advocacy all have a role in how our state approaches the issue – or doesn’t – of climate change.  Let’s get energized in the New Year to make climate change our most important focus in 2015.

2014.11.21 Christmas can be Stress-Free and Sustainable.  This week coming up is not only Thanksgiving, it's also the Black Friday shopping extravaganza, even on Thanksgiving Day. Debbie Gibson's article will inspire you to enjoy the holidays differently this season.  Debbie is a retired teacher with a long history of community service.  She is the Chair of Sustainable Tallahassee's Community Carbon Fund, and she's volunteered with the Alternative Christmas Market since its beginning 28 years ago.

2014.11.06 Celebrate Sustainability.   What do you know about how Sustainable Tallahassee got started?  Becky Parsons, ST board member and chair of the Membership Committee, writes about what led her to Sustainable Tallahassee just as it was being established, and invites us to attend ST’s Seventh Year Anniversary Celebration and Annual Meeting on November 13.

2014.10.23 Be a Trend Setter for Sustainability.  Bottled water, plastic bags, Styrofoam containers – the use of these is entirely within our individual control.  In this article Becky Parsons, a Sustainable Tallahassee board member, challenges us to rethink and change our behaviors and to join up with like-minded people in Sustainable Tallahassee to be trend setters for sustainability. 

2014.10.09 Downtown Fun Ride End the love affair with your car and find out first-hand the many things you'll appreciate about riding the bus.  Sustainable Tallahassee and StarMetro are sponsoring a get-acquainted-with-the-bus Downtown Fun Ride from three different stops on Oct 25, 2014.  This article was written by Stew Parsons, chair of Sustainable Tallahassee's Alternative Transportation Committee.  

2014.07.17 A New Occasion to B-Y-O-B.  At this time we aren’t able to ban plastic bags in our community, but we do have options and we need to understand the importance.  This article was written by Patience Gaia, who is on our Sustainable Tallahassee Board of Directors and also the Chair of our “Three Rs” Committee (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).

2014.06. 20 For Our Kids. In this article Daniel Parker, Sustainable Tallahassee's EcoTeams Coordinator, writes that the ability to return to more sustainable thinking and living is well within reach.  He encourages taking the summer to foster and encourage sustainable activities and behaviors for our kids.  

2014.06.05 My Carbon Footprint. Sustainable Tallahassee’s Community Carbon Fund is a local way to offset our carbon footprint.  This article describes how the Fund is a multi-pronged benefit to our community that impacts social services, environment, and local economy.  Written by Becky Parsons, board member of Sustainable Tallahassee.

2014.04.24 Greening Our Community With Sustainable Tallahassee. Sustainable Tallahassee wants to lower the rate at which we are tearing through our natural resources, depleting and degrading our water supplies upon which life depends, and warming the planet – all of which produce weather extremes, threaten food production, and increase the possibility of life threatening diseases. This article by Stew Parsons, ST’s Executive Director, is about ST’s initiatives to make a difference in our community.

2014.02.03 Community Has 110 New Live Oak TreesFor Tallahassee’s Arbor Day on January 25, 2014 Sustainable Tallahassee’s Community Carbon Fund provided 110 live oak trees for community planting.  Bob Henderson, a member of Sustainable Tallahassee’s Board of Directors, Community Carbon Fund committee, and a former Leon County Commissioner, wrote this article about the beauty and carbon sequestration the trees will provide.

2013.12.19 What Will You Do in 2014? Another year is ending and as we look ahead to 2014 it’s a good time to evaluate our stress, our time, and our consumerism by becoming more sustainable in our values and our activities.  This blog, written by Daniel Parker, the Ecoteam Project Coordinator for Sustainable Tallahassee, is a good place to start.

2013.11.21 Walk Softer on the Earth this Holiday Season.  Debbie Gibson, Chair of Sustainable Tallahassee’s Community Carbon Fund, wrote this article about the Alternative Christmas Market which will be on December 7 and 8 this year.  This year will be Sustainable Tallahassee’s second year to participate.  The Community Carbon Fund and over 30 other non-profits are encouraging your gift giving to have deeper meaning for you and others.

2013.10.24 Run for a More Sustainable Community.  Sustainable Tallahassee is gearing up for our Third Annual Trash Dash 5K Run – our annual fund raiser that will be held on November 16th.  The article is an appeal to runners: it includes a description of the event and location, a link to register, and a summary of what we want to accomplish in the coming year.  It was contributed by Becky Parsons, ST Board member.

2013.07.04 Baking Ourselves Into Extinction? Our atmosphere has crossed an important - and dangerous – milestone for climate change: we reached 400 ppm of CO2 for the first time in several million years.  In this article Bob Henderson, Board Member of Sustainable Tallahassee and a former Leon County Commissioner, gives an illustration of the impact of climate change we can all relate to.

2013.04.25 The Case for Renewable Energy in Tallahassee.  Sustainable Tallahassee believes there is a case for diversifying our fuel sources that produce electricity and we’re launching a new initiative for exploration.  This article by Stew Parsons, Executive Director of Sustainable Tallahassee, describes this new initiative of our Renewable Resources Advocacy Committee. (Learn more about this committee HERE.)

2013.03.14 Isn’t My Lawn Beautiful? – A Parable.  How do you feel when your neighbors pour fertilizers, pesticides, and tons of water on their lawns?  Bob Henderson, who is a Board Member of Sustainable Tallahassee and former Leon County Commissioner, tells us what we’d love to say to those neighbors!

2013.01.03 Simple Changes Make a Difference.  Most New Year's resolutions end up failing, but we can all make simple changes in this new year that will bring a big difference to our lives, to our community, and to our environment.  Take up Sustainable Tallahassee’s challenge for the new year, given to us by Barbara Shapley, retired teacher, education consultant, longtime Tallahassee resident, and author. 

2012.12.20 Non-Profits: Apply to Reduce Energy and Save Money.  Non-profit organizations that serve the poor, the disadvantaged, or the disenfranchised in our community may apply to our Community Carbon Fund for cost efficient energy improvements.  This article was contributed December 20th by Rosa Morgan who actively serves on Sustainable Tallahassee's Community Carbon Fund Advisory Committee. 

2012.12.6 Team Up for a Sustainable Future.  EcoTeams are a great way to get together with family, neighbors, friends, co-workers, or other small groups to learn about and take action on sustainability issues in our lives.  The program, funded by the City of Tallahassee and Leon County and administered by Sustainable Tallahassee, will begin in January 2013 and run through late spring.  This article was written by Rachel Walsh, the Project Coordinator for Sustainable Tallahassee’s EcoTeams program.

2012.11.21 Alternative Gift Giving.  Sustainable Tallahassee will be hosting a table at the Alternative Christmas Market on December 1 and 2, 2012 for gift donations to the Community Carbon Fund.  Gift donations to the Community Carbon Fund can also be made on our Sustainable Tallahassee website. This article about alternatives to commercialism at Christmas was written by Debbie Gibson, recently retired teacher, member of Sustainable Tallahassee, and advocate for social justice. 

2012.11.9 Fifth Year Anniversary of Sustainable Tallahassee.  November 14, 2012 is the anniversary celebration of Sustainable Tallahassee's five years of existence.  We'll celebrate by bringing back several of the ST founders for a "We Were There" panel presentation. This article by Stew Parsons Executive Director of ST gives a historical background of the origins and accomplishments of our organization. (Click HERE for photos and more about this event.)

2012.10.25 Be Fit and Green – Run the Trash Dash!  Sustainable Tallahassee’s 2012 Trash Dash fund raiser is on November 10, part of America Recycles Day at the Leon County Solid Waste Facility.  The race is on the site of the former Leon County landfill, formerly the site of the Miller Landing Bluegrass festivals, and formerly beautiful rolling farmland.  Written by Stew Parsons, Executive Director of Sustainable Tallahassee.  (Click HERE for race results & photos!)

2012.10.11 Vote for the Earth.  We can vote with our dollars to benefit the environment, to improve our economy, and to promote local businesses.  This article was written for Sustainable Talllahassee by Barbara Shapley, retired teacher, education consultant, longtime Tallahassee resident, and author. 

2012.09.27 Sustainable Communities Summit.  This year's "Leon County Sustainable Communities Summit 2012" on October 31, 2012 will focus on local food and local resources that can help us be more sustainable in our lives. Barbara Shapley, writes about her eagerness to attend the Summit to boost her knowledge.  Barbara is a retired teacher, education consultant, longtime Tallahassee resident, and author. 

2012.07.20 Introducing Capital Area Sustainability Council.  In December 2011 Sustainable Tallahassee facilitated the creation of the Capital Area Sustainability Council to serve as a collaborative clearing house for organizations and entities that have a major influence on effecting sustainability in our community.  This article was written by Stew Parsons, Executive Director of Sustainable Tallahassee.  

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