Sustainable Agriculture

Organic Farming – Wikipedia’s definition

Leon County Community Green Map - includes locations on a map of community gardens, local farms, and local farmers markets.

Biodynamic Farming - Biodynamics is a method of agriculture which seeks to actively work with the health-giving forces of nature and is one of the oldest non-chemical agricultural practices, predating even the organic movement.  The Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association (BDA), a non-profit organization, strives to provide information on the biodynamic method to the public. 

Alternative Farming Systems Information Center - The Alternative Farming Systems Information Center (AFSIC) specializes in identifying resources about sustainable food systems and practices in support of USDA's effort to ensure a sustainable future for agriculture and farmers worldwide.

Sustainable Practices for Vegetable Production in the South -Resources for sustainable crop production and pest management for the Southern U.S. from North Carolina State University’s Department of Horticulture Science.

Sustainable Agriculture - A guide to Florida plants and landscape design that features information on sustainable agriculture.

USDA National Organic Program - Facts on food labeled “organic” from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which has put in place a set of national standards for production and handling of food grown in the United States or imported from other countries.

Heart of the Earth - The Heart of the Earth movement has been established in the Red Hills and Gulf Coastal Lowlands Bioregions of North Florida/South Georgia to advance the essential work of living sustainably and harmoniously within the web of life at this place on our planet.

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