Community Carbon Fund

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The Community Carbon Fund is a four-pronged benefit for our community:

  1. Environment:  Greenhouse Gas CO2 emissions are reduced.

  2. Social Services:  Utility costs are reduced for non-profit social service agencies that serve the poor or disadvantaged.

  3. Local Economy:  Donated funds remain in our community through the use of local contractors on projects.

  4. Carbon Offset:  Donations can offset your carbon footprint and are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Here’s how it works:

  • Donations to the Community Carbon Fund are used for energy-saving retrofits to the facilities of local non-profit organizations that serve low-income or disadvantaged individuals.
  • Those non-profit organizations benefit from an immediate reduction in utility costs that continues each year, freeing up more of their funds to be used to serve clients.
  • Greenhouse Gas CO2 emissions are reduced due to the energy efficiency of the retrofit projects.

  • Donors can make a contribution of any amount, or can donate an amount that offsets their carbon footprint by using our website’s Carbon Calculator. 
  • Sustainable Tallahassee’s Community Carbon Fund committee manages the donated funds:  We solicit project requests, require energy audits, evaluate the carbon reduction impact of project requests, evaluate the utility cost savings of project requests, and leverage the donated funds to accomplish more by arranging for donated materials and taking advantage of local energy rebates.
  • Some donated funds are used for tree planting for carbon sequestration - to capture carbon throughout the long lifetime of the trees.

We invite you to take a look:

  • Explore our website.  Learn about Sustainable Tallahassee’s other initiatives that promote sustainability in our community.
Your support
of our Community Carbon Fund
will be greatly appreciated! 

The Community Carbon Fund is a win-win
for our community, our environment, our economy,  and for those in need.

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