Current Carbon Fund Projects

The Community Carbon Fund is currently engaged in a large project at FSU and FAMU retrofitting Southern Scholarship Foundation (SSF) houses.  

The Southern Scholarship Foundation helps deserving young people who lack financial resources but demonstrate excellent academic merit and good character attend college by providing free housing to 292 students in 16 residence houses in Tallahassee for FSU, FAMU, and TCC students.  Students live cooperatively by cooking, cleaning, managing the household budget, and paying their own utilities.  These students are diverse - white, black, Hispanic and Asian/Pacific. They maintain at least a 3.0 GPA and because of this program 90% have graduated with less than $10K of debt.  These outstanding students majoring in engineering, biology, nursing, finance and psychology will also make a difference in their communities. 

The Carbon Fund is replacing old failing electric water heaters in the SSF residences with more efficient water hearing systems that will significantly save on monthly utility bills and will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  The six houses on the FAMU campus are in open areas and are being evaluated for solar water heating instead of gas.

Money saved through this conversion will stay in the pockets of the students providing them with a more affordable education.  The savings will continue for the life of the equipment, expected to be 15-20 years, thereby impacting an entire generation of students through these efforts.

The Community Carbon Fund is seeking to raise $25,000 to finish these houses and needs your help. Each dollar we raise will be matched by the Southern Scholarship Foundation, which doubles the impact of your donation.  

We hope you will support reducing utility bills for Southern Scholarship Foundation houses in Tallahassee, and in turn reducing Greenhouse Gases for the benefit of us all!  

     Please support this project with your donation here.  

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