Waterbodies & Pollution

Watershed Monitoring Basin Reports - Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection shows the 29 watershed monitoring basins, including the St. Marks/Ochlocknee local basin. The watershed monitoring basin reports are a summary of the status network monitoring results for surface water and ground water.

Eutrophication of Florida’s Lakes - University of Florida’s Institute of Food & Agricultural Sciences definition of eutrophication - the nutrient enrichment of lakes and other bodies of water. 

Nonpoint Source Pollution - Florida Department of Environmental Protection definition of “nonpoint source pollution”, which is also referred to as “pointless personal pollution”

Clean Water Network of Florida - The Clean Water Network of Florida is a coalition committed to full implementation, enforcement and strengthening of the Clean Water Act and other safeguards of water resources.

Florida Defenders of the Environment - This organization is committed to protecting the quality of Florida's water by considering springs, lakes, rivers, bays and wildlife.

TAPP - Think About Personal Pollution - The TAPP Campaign, created by the City of Tallahassee, helps educate individuals on ways that small personal changes in home and yard practices can help keep local lakes, sinks and streams cleaner.  The video immediately below is an excellent depiction of how Wakulla Springs is impacted by waste water in Leon and Wakulla counties.


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