smart water use

Indoor Potable (Drinkable) Water Use

Water Sense Label for Fixtures - The EPA’s labeling system for water-efficient products and practices allows consumers and homeowners to identify products and services that use less water while performing as well as or better than conventional models.

Low-Flow Showerheads - Southern California Gas Company information on possible cost savings for using a low-flow showerhead.

Saving Water Indoors - St. John's River Water Management District’s site, Florida’s Water, features tips on saving water indoors through water-conserving practices and fixtures.

H2Ouse Water Saving Home - California Urban Water Conservation Council website promoting best practices for conserving water in the home.

Outdoor Water Use

Water Efficiency in the Landscape - Department of Energy guide to water efficiency, through the planned management of potable water to prevent waste, overuse, and exploitation of the resource.

St. John's River Water Management District Saving Water Tips - Outdoors - St. John's River Water Management District’s site, Florida’s Water, features tips on saving water indoors through irrigation efficiency and landscaping material selection.

Xeriscape - North Florida Water Management District’s brief overview and introduction to the principles of Xeriscape landscaping: plan the soil, plants, grass and mulch and water to maintain.

Florida Native Plant Society – Plants Native to Leon County - Species listed that are found naturally in Leon County and adapt to various soil & sunlight conditions.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) - IPM guide tells how to use environmentally sound, yet effective, ways to deter pests.

Landscape Irrigation & Florida Friendly Design Standards - Northwest Florida Water Management District & the committee on Landscape Irrigation & Florida-friendly Landscaping provide recommendations for design and maintenance.

Florida Friendly Landscaping - Sponsored by the State and its water management districts, the site promotes the principles of Florida-friendly landscaping to reduce t he impact of irrigation of lawns and landscaping on the state’s municipal water supplies.

Water Wisely With Micro Irrigation - Article on the advantages of a micro-sprinkler irrigation system

Micro-Sprinkler Irrigation - A basic guide to a micro-sprinkler system from Just Fruits & Exotics

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