2022 Carbon Neutral Campaign

Everything we do contributes to climate change by releasing carbon into the atmosphere, so every choice we make matters. The Carbon Neutral Campaign project helps candidates make more sustainable choices and offset the remaining carbon footprint with investments in carbon reduction and sequestration.

our mission

The mission of the Carbon Neutral Campaign project is to shrink the carbon footprint of political campaigns with guidance on daily reduction strategies, emissions tracking and carbon offsets, using the visibility of public elections to increase awareness of carbon’s impact on the environment.

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We believe many local voters are concerned about climate change and that they want to know that candidates are sincere in addressing the issue...The Carbon Neutral Campaign (CNC) Program allows candidates to demonstrate their commitment – in a real, tangible way – before they’re even elected. - Mike Mitchell, Past Sustainable Tallahassee President

Want to learn more about a candidates' position environmental issues?

Big Bend Environmental Forum

Join us at the Big Bend Environmental Forum for primary candidates on Thursday, August 4th. The Big Bend Environmental Forum is an alliance of organizations that have come together to conserve the region’s environmental qualities through education, advocacy, research and, networking among its members.

The forum will give you an opportunity hear from the candidates about their positions on environmental and sustainability issues. 

Thursday, August 4, 2022

6:00 p.m.

Tallahassee City Hall

Second Floor 

300 S. Adams Street

  • P.O. Box 765
  • Tallahassee, FL 
  • 32303
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