We're working together to build a world-class sustainable community that meets the needs for present and future generations

with a focus on renewable energy, transportation, waste reduction, and local food systems.

Renewable Energy
sustainable transportation
waste reduction
local food systems

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Our Mission is to...

accelerate the community’s transition to environmental, economic, and social sustainability.

Our Vision is to be an organization...

that empowers all citizens to participate in creating a world-class sustainable community to meet the needs of present and future generations. We do this by providing educational resources, fostering community networks, and demonstrating equitable and inclusive practices.

Here's a resolution I make every year: do more good for more people. It's a statement of purpose and motivation, a reminder that humanity resides in society, that to live among others means to care for their well-being in tandem with your own. - Shawn Youngblood

  • P.O. Box 765
  • Tallahassee, FL 
  • 32303
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