We have helped replenish native ecosystems by planting over 1,000 native trees.

our history

In 2020, six-year-old Olivia raised $500 from her lemonade stand, which she donated to Sustainable Tallahassee to help support the environment and animals. With this donation, we established the Olivia’s Tree Fund, a source set aside to continue our tree planting efforts.

our mission

Trees play an important role in increasing urban biodiversity, and providing plants and animals with favorable habitat, food, and protection. They can also improve a community’s physical and emotional health. Additionally, trees play an important role in climate change mitigation through carbon dioxide absorption.

We aim to promote biodiversity, support native ecosystems, and help reduce greenhouse gases by planting trees with the funds from Olivia’s Tree Fund.

To assist in planning upcoming tree plantings, contact Quilla Miralia at qearth@gmail.com.

  • P.O. Box 765
  • Tallahassee, FLĀ 
  • 32303
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