Tally Trash Challenge

Sustainable Tallahassee’s Third Annual Tally Trash Challenge will be September 1-17, 2023. Check back with us for more information about prizes, clean-ups, and events. 

Interested in serving as a sponsor for the Tally Trash Challenge? Contact Kristen at kristen@sustainabletallahassee.org.

Impacts of Litter

  • Plastics break down into microplastics which are introduced into our soil, water, and eventually food. 
  • Litter on the road attracts rodents and scavengers, leading to birds of prey getting injured or killed on the road.  
  • Litter can release harmful toxins and chemicals that leach into our waterways. 
  • Litter has a disproportionate impact on south Tallahassee communities that are downstream of our watershed.
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