Tally Trash Challenge

Join Sustainable Tallahassee for our Second Annual Tally Trash Challenge. In honor of National Clean Up Day on September 17, 2022, we are encouraging you to help clean up our community, one trash bag at a time. 


How to Participate:

  • Pick up a bag of litter between 9/10 and 9/17, anytime and anywhere
  • Post a photo of your trash haul on social media. Tag #tallytrashchallenge and Sustainable Tallahassee in your post. 
  • Prize winners will be announced on 9/17 and be available for pick up at our next Green Drinks on 9/26 at Oyster City Brewing Co.

Impacts of Litter

  • Plastics break down into microplastics which are introduced into our soil, water, and eventually food. 
  • Litter on the road attracts rodents and scavengers, leading to birds of prey getting injured or killed on the road.  
  • Litter can release harmful toxins and chemicals that leach into our waterways. 
  • Litter has a disproportionate impact on south Tallahassee communities that are downstream of our watershed.

Thank you to our sponsor

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