Greening Our Community: Recycling? To Toss or Not to Toss

Author Cyndell Brunell

A few weeks ago, the Leon County Office of Sustainability manned a table at the UF/IFAS Open House and Plant Sale. Such events give the county sustainability team an opportunity to share the many ways we are working to improve infrastructure, educate the community, craft policy, and ultimately fulfill the goals outlined by Leon County’s Integrated Sustainability Action Plan.

The event was pretty business as usual with one exception – almost every citizen that came to our table had questions about recycling, but not “How do I recycle this…” Instead:

“Hey, I read somewhere my recycling isn’t actually getting recycled?”
“Is it true you can’t recycle plastic?”
“Everything just goes to the landfill anyway, so why not just throw things away?”
“So, is my stuff really being recycled in Leon County?”
The questions were filled with skepticism and confusion. People need to know their recycling efforts result in items being recycled. It left me thinking – what changed?…Read More

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